The Age of Elijah and other post-release musings

Shalom!  Yesterday, I published my first novel The Age of Elijah. I pressed the approve button and suddenly, my private thoughts and storylines for the last year and some odd months, is going out into the universe for anyone to read. It’s a strange feeling.  At the end of editing and revising the book, I felt like I was giving birth. PUSH! Ok, not really, as both my children were born via C-section, but it is what I would  imagine the pushing would feel like.  Exhausting.  Daunting.  That was the tail end of writing.  Now it is out of my hands, and while I feel, well, relieved, I also feel a little bit of trepidation. Ya see, some of the main characters in my book belong to the Messianic/Hebrew Roots movement.  And within that movement, there is such a varied spectrum of belief and halachah (the way in which one walks out his or her faith), that I am just hoping my readers will not feel under-represented.  But then my left-brained self which, many times sounds a lot like my husband’s voice interestingly enough, tells me that my story is my own, the goal of which is not to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside, but rather, to tell a story.  And one that is important to me.  Still, the right side of my brain is hoping that in some way, my readers can connect with this baby of a book, whose head is still slightly cone-shaped.

Well…Here’s to variety!


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